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Calf Hygiene Isolation Pen

Hygiene issues on the farm? Bio-security woes?

Hugo Plastics Calf Hygiene Pen is a versatile, sterile, easy to clean plastic calf pen that can be used for quarantine of new animals, isolation of sick animals or general calf rearing.

Isolation Pen

Hygiene made easy

Our Calf Hygiene Isolation Pen is ideal for separating sick animals. The spread of disease can be prevented and there’s more likelihood of a speedy recovery. While scours is hard to avoided completely, an isolation pen can lessen the economic impact and longer-term issues with stock.

When dealing with on farm diseases, it’s important to clean the living quarters of calves regularly. There are several things we’ve done to design the pen so it really is easy to clean. The floor is completely grated so all wash-off is instantly dispersed from the pen. The sheets are scratch resistant so there’s nowhere for dirt to lodge and because the panels are smooth and non-absorbing, water and dirt wash off easily!

Hugo pens are durable and made from a polymer that’s impact, chemical and dynamic shock resistant.

Key Benefits:

  • Ideal for calf rearing or isolation pen for sick calves
  • Warm, dry, draft blocking & hygienic-reduces scours
  • Improved calf health leads to healthy weight gain & better heifer performance
  • Reduces rearing costs (labour, vet, bedding)
  • Long-lasting, tough, lightweight & durable
  • Won’t rot, rust or corrode – will last for years!
  • Grated floor for drainage & easy clean walls
  • Made from European material Paneltim™
  • Impact, scratch, corrosion, chemical and dynamic shock resistant
  • Easy to assemble kit set
  • Flexible sizing & roofing options on order

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