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Odour Control Technology

Using sustainable biotechnology, innovatively engineered to resolve odour and corrosion problems in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner.

OdaVent SPSV biofilters are a simple, modular odour control system designed to be low maintenance.  They contain an organic media which requires replacement only every three-to-five years, and use no hazardous chemicals.  The modular nature of the biofilter units means the system can be customised to fit the available arrangement, and units have been installed in pump stations, air valves, sewer mains, manholes and wastewater treatment plants.

The OdaVent biofilter utilises sustainable biotechnology a patented tiered design which prevents biomedia compression, water-logging and airflow channelling. The modular biofilter systems are designed to tightly control treatment conditions and provide the ideal ecological environment for the long-term survival and growth of the oxidising bacteria in the specially blended and optimised biofilter media.


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Underground Odour Control system
Control Cubicle
Odour Control System
Odour Control System

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