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Lamb Hygiene Isolation Pen

Keep your farm hygienic and free of biosecurity issues with our lamb isolation pens!

We have created a versatile, efficient, hygienic and simple to clean pen for your new lambs to isolate when sick, quarantine when they arrive or just separate them from the group.

Hygiene made easy

Catching a disease early is essential to prevent long term issues with the lambs and reduce the economic impact on the farm. That’s why Hugo Plastics created a hygienic pen, that can easily separate and contain the disease, ensuring no other animals get infected.

To stop the spread of a farm disease and ensure the lambs make a speedy recovery, it’s important to keep the living quarters of animals clean and disinfected regularly. We have designed a pen that is very easy to clean, as the floor is completely grated. This enables that all wash-off is immediately dispersed from the pen. The bottom is also scratch resistant, preventing any dirt to lodge and get stuck. Everything can wash off easily due to the smooth, non-absorbing floor.

Hugo pens are highly durable and made from a polymer that’s impact, chemical and dynamic shock resistant.

Key Benefits:

  • Excellent for lamb isolation for sick animals and lamb rearing
  • Reduces disease through being hygienic, warm, dry and draft resistant
  • Improves lamb health, which leads to a positive economic impact
  • Reduces rearing costs (labour, vet, bedding)
  • Long-lasting, tough, lightweight & durable
  • No rotting, warping and corrosion due to high quality material
  • Simple to clean
  • Made from 100% recycled Black Polypropylene sheet
  • Scratch, chemical and corrosion resistant, being extremely hygienic
  • Easy to assemble kit set
  • Several sizes available to fit your needs

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