Paneltim® Delta Senior Slat calf pen flooring

Supplied ex-store Wellington.  We can ship nationwide – please contact us for a freight quote after purchase. Price is per panel.

Paneltim® Delta Senior Slat raised flooring is an ideal material to lay down for rearing Calves and other animals, providing an insulating, hygienic support that is easy to install, remove and clean.

Material: PP Copo
Plastic Height: 25mm
Dimensions: 1600 mm x 400 mm
Weight: 12,25 kg/m2
Colour: Green

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The Paneltim® Delta Senior Slat calf pen flooring is made out of polypropylene and is resistant to wear and aging. The slat is shock and corrosion proof, ecological and 100% recyclable. It is completely resistant to most chemical substances, moulds, bacteria and disinfectants.  It is recyclable at end-of-life, unlike FRP (Fibreglass) products.

The slat has a highly permeable surface structure and functional anti-skid profile without sharp or cutting edges. The structure prevents calves from skidding and is virtually self-cleansing. It is also the ideal base for straw.

The Paneltim® Delta Senior slats are easy to fit and are connected along the side via a functional hinging hook system. This slat is an economically responsible alternative to a wooden slat.

3D CAD download (STEP format):